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Dorrigo Walking Tracks

Dorrigo offers walks for all levels of ability and time constraints.

Walk with the Birds Boardwalk

walk-with-the-birdsThis is a 120m elevated boardwalk through the mid-levels of the rainforest. The whole path is designed for wheelchair access, and has information panels along its length.

The Walk with the Birds boardwalk in Dorrigo National Park takes you into the upper levels of the rainforest.

This elevated boardwalk winds through the mid-levels of the rainforest and is ideal for birdwatchers, photographers and nature-lovers of all ages and abilities.

There are over 120 species of birds in the park and many use this beautiful location for feeding, nesting and mating. Keep an eye out for such treats as the courting display of the paradise riflebird, or spot the mounds built by the male brush turkey. Flowers and seeds are easier to spot from this elevated vantage point than they are from ground-level.

Directions: this walk starts a short distance from the Glade picnic area, one kilometre from the Rainforest Centre. It links with Wonga Walk and Satinbird Stroll. It can also be walked from the Rainforest Centre (2km, 50 mins).

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