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Where to Eat in Dorrigo

Local country fare in the village of Dorrigo

Dorrigo Wholefoods

dorrigo wholefoods mossgroveAt Dorrigo Wholefoods customers choose the quantity of produce they wish to purchase from the bulk bins. We provide recycled paper bags, or our customers bring their own containers from home for shopping convenience, whilst minimizing packaging.

Food is Medicine, and at Dorrigo Wholefoods the vast range of dried fruit, nuts, pulses, muesli’s, gluten free flours, grains, super foods and organic fruit and vegetables are guaranteed to give your day an amazing start.

Join the tribe and make a conscious choice… get back to basics and ignore commercial food fads and supermarket domination by putting fresh, local, organic foods back into our bodies.

With commitment to good nutrition, Dorrigo Wholefoods has grown into a mini-department store which also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. With such an extraordinary pantry to draw from, the food could never be ordinary!


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