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    The Gardens at Mossgrove

    Mossgrove cool climate gardens

    mossgrove dorrigo autumn 2015The gardens at MossGrove offer visitors the chance to experience all that a 'cool climate' garden has to offer. The following images are only a 'snapshot' of the gardens.      


    Mossgrove gardens started in 2000 with a passion to build a cool climate garden.  We started with a backbone of some large trees planted around the time the house was built, c1910.  From this starting point the gardens were developed, not from an overall plan but from an on-going developing knowledge of what grew best in a particular position. We had some strong ideas of wanting the usual 'garden rooms' both to break up the strong winds we have at times, as well as to develop different themes and  garden views.

    mossgrove aut0801

    The gardens were accepted into Australia's Open Garden Scheme and were open to the public for the first time on 18-19 October 2008.  This was an exciting time for us as our work was being examined critically, by many decerning eyes, over that weekend. 

    We have since opened the garden for a number of charity fund raisers, events, and weddings.  We are fortunate to be able to share our garden with so many people.

    mossgrove aut09 1

    The famous Japanese garden builder and writer, Tachibana no Toshitsuna (1028 - 1094), once wrote: "Planting a tree creates an earthly paradise".

    Mossgrove gardens has become our little 'earthly paradise'.  We have planted many rare and exotic trees and shrubs since 2000.  Complementing the existing old trees at Mossgrove, our tree plantings have driven the evolution of the gardens providing us with added frameworks to build upon.

    mossgrove aut0804

    Our Golden Elm tree together with the Blue Spruce and the Australian Christmas Bush make a stunning contrast in spring welcoming guests to Mossgrove. 

    Over the years we have planted many deciduous trees making spring an exciting time as we see each tree come to life. With individual colours and textures the Spring garden is a real delight.mossgrove spring 12

    Throughout spring, Summer and Autumn we rely mostly on foliage colour and texture to provide interest in the garden.  Late Autumn and throughout Winter can be quite austeer in some gardens.  We have planted many winter flowering trees and schrubs including many camellia varieties, winter flowering Apricot, Mahonia, Heliborous, daffodils and tulips to add splashes of colour at this time of the year.

    mossgrove green

    The vege garden at Mossgrove is starting to produce a regular supply of snow peas, broccoli, lettuce and a good mix of oriental veg for stir frying. The veges are complemented by a developing range of herbs including garlic, sage, rosmary, lemongrass, kaffir lime, bay, fennel and egyptian mint. We are excited about our trial plantings of wasabi, saffron, tumeric, and curry plant. mossgrove vegetable garden-02


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