Mossgrove Olive Grove

    Producing high quality 'olio novello' olive oil.

    Mossgrove 2016 Bumper Olive Harvest

    olive label tag midThe Mossgrove Olive harvest has been the best so far. Of the ~11 harvests, since plantings started in 2001, 2016 has produced 550kg of high quality Frantoio olives.

    With an approx. yield of ~19%, Mossgrove olive grove produced ~100 litrs of very high quality 'Olio Novello'.

    For those not familiar with Olio Novello, here is a quote from Curtis Cord:

    "There’s extra-virgin olive oil, and then there’s olio novello. Extremely coveted, this is the first batch of oil made from the year’s olive harvest. “Olio novellos are early harvest olive oils and have extraordinary flavor because the olives that make them are picked early and best capture the complexities of the olive fruit,” says Curtis Cord, publisher of the online newsletter Olive Oil Times and founder of the annual New York International Olive Oil Competition."

    Bottled without filtering has maintained the fresh fruit flavours of the oil.

    A special thanks to our pickers/friends for their valuable help during harvest.