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    What TO DO in the Dorrigo Area

    The Waterfall Way

    The 191 kilometre Waterfall Way is one of the world's most scenic drives and recommended as a detour off the Pacific Coast Drive. The road winds upwards from the Pacific Highway from Coffs Harbour, through the delightfull town of Dorrigo, and on to Armidale on the New England Tablelands.

    This breathtaking journey is the perfect way to experience the diversity of the changing landscape of the Great Dividing Range from the pristine coastal beaches climbing through lush tropical rain-forest to the wide open plains of New England.

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    Geo Tours

    Point Lookout is within the New England National Park off the Waterfall Way about 75 km from Armidale and 60 km from Dorrigo in the Northern Tablelands of northern New South Wales. The site is on the very edge of the Great Escarpment, within rocks of the Ebor Volcano.

    Two walks are recommended to provide a cross section through some of the rocks of the Ebor Volcano:

    • The Eagles Nest Lookout loop track from Point Lookout, which travels for 2.5 km through several lavas of different compositions as well as the ancient soil horizons between lava flows
    • The Wrights Lookout walk, which examines some of the volcanic rocks at the base of the lavas and an unusual trachyte intrusion which is part of the Ebor Volcano.

      Download the Ebor Volcano Geo-Tour Guide. HERE

    Many thanks go to geoscientists Dr. N.M. Vickery (Nancy) and Mr. R.E. Brown (Bob) for their significant contribution to this article. You can read more at their very informative website.. HERE

    1. Dorrigo - Point Lookout Ebor Volcano Geo-Tour
    2. Dorrigo - Cathederal Rock Geo-Tour

    World Heritage NP Walks

    Crystal Showers Falls Walk
    The walk to Crystal Shower Falls might be one of the shortest waterfall walks, but it is also one of the most intriguing because you can go behind the waterfall itself. Lush rainforest towers above you on the walk to the falls and you might hear the call of rainforest birds like fruit doves.

    To get to Crystal Shower Falls you’ll need to take the first part of the Satinbird stroll and then join the Wonga walk, leaving from The Glade picnic area. If you are feeling energetic and want to explore the rainforest more you can carry on walking the Wonga walk.

    The Wonga Walk

    The Wonga walk delivers all the delights of the subtropical rainforest and is one of the most popular walks not only in Dorrigo National Park, but also in Australia.

    Tall, lush World Heritage listed rainforest provides a cool and shaded walking track. The cascading Crystal Shower Falls, 600-year-old trees, colourful fungi and interesting bird calls are just some of the sights and sounds waiting for you on this walk.

    There are some steeper sections along the walk, a few steps and some boulder crossings, but you can break the walk up into shorter sections.

    The walk starts from Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, you'll need to take Lyrebird link track for 400m before joining the Wonga walk. Look at the Dorrigo National Park map to see all the options.

    Blackbutt Walking Track
    Watch the ever-changing landscape as you tackle Blackbutt walking track in Dorrigo National Park. This challenging hike has a couple of steep climbs that will really get your heart racing. Winding through lush rainforest, along Endiandra Creek, it follows the escarpment offering breathtaking views towards Dorrigo plateau.

    Don’t forget your camera because you’ll want to capture images of beautiful Callicoma and Casuarina Falls, as well as the majestic rainforest trees. Before or after your walk, enjoy the serenity of Never Never picnic area.

    At the end of the walk, either return the same way or take the easier option and follow Dome Road back to the carpark.

    Rosewood Creek Walking Track
    Best taken in an anti-clockwise direction, the peaceful Rosewood Creek walking track loops through astonishing World Heritage-listed rainforest, waterfalls, and creeks. Beginning and ending at Never Never picnic area, it offers a moderate walk for a leisurely afternoon.

    You’ll pass some of the largest blackbutt and tallowwood trees you’re likely to ever see. The occasional giant stump acts as a reminder of earlier logging history in the area. You’ll also pass through coachwood, crabapple and sassafras trees on your way to Coachwood Falls.

    Rosewood Creek offers sparkling pools and cascading waterfalls for budding photographers. Find a shady spot on the bank for a picnic snack, or pull out some binoculars for birdwatching. In spring, the area also blooms with flowering trees such as the famous Dorrigo waratah. To extend your walk, turn at the Red Cedar Falls junction, and return via a spectacular route.

    1. Crystal Showers & Wonga Walking Tracks
    2. Blackbutt & Rosewood Creek Walking Tracks

    Dangar Falls Picnic Area

    Two kilometres north of Dorrigo town centre is Dangar Falls, a beautiful 30-metre waterfall set amidst scenic agricultural and dairy farmland. There's a car park, a viewing platform, picnic tables and an amenities block and a walking trail that leads you to the river at the bottom of the waterfall. The viewing platform offers a great vantage point and excellent photo opportunity of the falls. There is also a beautiful labyrinth made from different coloured pavers.

    The 10 minuite walking track to the bottom of Dangar Falls has been extensively restored with boardwalks and easy steps and rails. The track passes through an old stand of Antarctic Beech trees Nothofagus moorei. These beauties used to cover Antarctica in its milder days, before its present iced-over state. As Gondwana broke apart 180 million years ago the Antarctic Beeches worked themselves up to more suitable climates.

    Dangar Falls is signposted from Dorrigo town.

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